Here we all are around the dinner table :’)
more like mini iron board, which i think just makes it so much cuter!



It was Ivy’s birthday so Mona, Zoe, and I decided it would be nice to make some dinner, being that our dorm room now is actually just kitchen that we sleep in. We ended up making vegan mc and cheese, ( which the first batch turned out like shit) mashed cauliflower, peas and corn, and BANANA BREAD NUTELLA CAKE!!!!!! It was such a cute dinner, we all sat on the floor and ate! Ivy and her friend also brought over a cheese plate which was so tasty I was almost about to lick the plate… mmmm good food and friends= a very happy sami

Mashed Cauliflower: http://detoxinista.com/2012/11/mashed-cauliflower-vegan-paleo/

Vegan Mac and Cheese: http://chefchloe.com/entrees/vegan-mac-n-cheese.html

Banana Bread: http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/2277635/vegan-banana-bread


Did someone say, chocolate?! YOU BETCHA! This five ingredient beauty is sure to knock anyones socks off. Walnuts, one drop of peppermint extract, cocoa power, honey, and a good dollop of coconut oil! Thats all folks, then just spread the mixture onto a plastic bag and pop that baby in the freezer for about ten! Who knew life could be so easy?!


Now, I know it doesnt look that tasty…. BUT TRUST ME IT WAS! Back when I was a meat eater, I dreamt of making a meat loaf. Why? Because I for a while I wanted to create some good ol’ fashioned american cuisine! But what better way to fulfill my long standing dream by making a spin off of the American classic? My roommate Zoe doesnt like the “meat” loaf sauce so thats why its half and half 🙂


Regular Banana, Chocolate Banana, and Apple Pancakes for breakfast= breakfast of champions. We made twelve pancakes… and spared NONE muahahahahhaa