Heres a photo I forgot to post for the tomato basil soup! The nice thing about that soup is that you can keep it for two weeks, and it will still be good. But the thing is, no matter how much you make of it. IT WONT LAST THAT LONG CUS ITS TOO DAMN GOOD. Its like fine wine, with each day it ages, it tastes better! For lunch I whipped up some raw pad thai. Which was actually pretty damn tasty as well. It amazes me how good real food tastes. I tell ya processed food cannot compare, its just not the real deal, ya know? Lastly for dinner me and zoe cozied up to watch Corpse Bride  on our blanketed floor with two large handfuls of cajun yam fries and vegan sloppy joes! Twas a good dinner indeed, though the sloppy joes tasted a lot like the vegan fajitas we made last week! Oh well, its all good food to me 🙂
Raw Pad Thai: http://www.chatelaine.com/recipe/vegetables/raw-pad-thai/
Cajun Yam Fries: http://chefchloe.com/on-the-side/cajun-yam-fries.html
Vegan Sloppy Joes: http://caloriecount.about.com/easy-vegan-sloppy-joes-recipe-r104115


Spending Friday making food

20131101_13550920131101_15100620131101_15062920131101_1416301024x768_bestfit_5320131101_15514620131101_155150Spending Friday making food

Sami: I didnt plan to make this much. It just kinda happened. One jar of nutella, zuchinni pasta and a gallon and a half of tomato basil soup. Still have leftovers. Its great. Cooking is my way relaxing. And putting off homework as long as possible. Its hard to type when my fingers would rather be stirring up something delicious. But I thought it would be good to document such foodly treasures. Oh dorm room kitchen, curse you, and bless you at the same time. Long live the fridge, the toaster oven, and the magical grill/hot plate that cooks up those marvelous mushroom burgers. Ahh, lifes good. Enjoy the pictures, just don’t piss your pants of excitement, ok?
Zuchinni pasta: http://www.vegangela.com/2011/09/05/fresh-tomato-basil-and-lemon-zucchini-pasta/
Soup: http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2011/02/dinner-tonight-nordstroms-tomato-basil-soup-recipe.html———–(I made this vegan, so omit the pint of cream, and chicken broth and instead use veggie broth, trust me its just as creamy without the cream!)
Healthy Nutella: http://chocolatecoveredkatie.com/2012/01/09/better-than-nutella/

Home made vegan BBQ sauce and Pizza!!!

20131030_2341331024x768_bestfit_11Home made vegan BBQ sauce and Pizza!!!

These were soooooo tasty!
I was wanting pizza, but didnt want just one plain ol’ pizza, so I “pizza”zed it up a bit (get it?!) by throwing in a little bit of everything! NOM. One slice had my homemade BBQ sauce and corn, another had olive tampenade and a huge slice of ohmygadoavocado, The third slice had pesto, sliced tomato and vegan cheese (which just for the record wasn’t very good) and finally there was the classic slice of tomato sauce, olives and nasty ass cheese. Ok, it wasnt that nasty, but it definitely didn’t taste even close to cheese!!! But overall? Id say a pretty successful dinner! Oh, and all of this yummy delicious goodness was on whole wheat naan bread. ^_^ Stay tuned folks, the toast thrusters will be back with another delicious dorm room cook up in no time! Till then, keep eatin’ yo greens my veggie lovers! ❤

Tofu Stir Fry

Yum yum yum!!! Asian stir fry tonight! Soysauce, garlic powder, olive oil, black pepper, and of course… a shit ton of veggies! Cant go wrong with some bean sprouts. mmmmmmmmmm!

We modified the recipe… like a lot, but ehhh it turned out alright! Another successful dinner made by the one and the only toast thrusters. Keep Thrusting. We out.



Cinnamon toast!

So our dorm room smells a bit like cinnamon buns. And we love it. 




Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream, mhmm.

Blended the frozen stuff to make some mint chocolate chip ice cream with the consistency of a slushie. Don’t get us wrong, it’s fucking delicious.


Don’t be discouraged by the color or the texture – it tastes JUST like mint chocolate chip, it is sooooooooo good.


If you wanna check out the recipe, click here.

Dessert anyone?

We just prepared some mint chocolate chip ice cream which will be frozen and ready for dessert tomorrow we hope. Guess what – it’s vegan! 

And we tried some of the “batter” stuff – fuck us, it’s good.  


If you wanna check out the recipe, click here.